Mozilla Rep

Community is the backbone of the Mozilla project. It is a great place for students and other people,  As the Mozilla project grows in scope and scale, community needs to be strengthened and empowered accordingly. This is the central aim of the Mozilla Reps program: to empower and to help push responsibility to the edges in order to help the Mozilla contributor base grow.

The Mozilla Reps program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help volunteer Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. Anyone 18 or older who is passionate and knowledgeable about Mozilla and who is ready to dive deeper into the project can sign-up to the program. The Mozilla Reps program helps push responsibility and authority further outwards, to more Mozillians, making it much easier for volunteers organize and/or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, and better support their local communities. We all are welcomes you to join the Mozilla.

Thank you