MozCafe With Enthusiastic Mozillians @ Jaipur

Hello Mozillians…!!

Meetup by a Enthusiastic Community of Mozilla

I hearty welcome to the MozCafe@Jaipur, Which was conducted on 25th Jan 2014, By energetic Mozilla Community Rajasthan.

The MozCafe started at 9:30 AM, With

  1. Mukul Taneja: New Member to the MCR
  2. Rishi Pariyani: New Member to the MCR
  3. Lavish Aggarwal : FSA, SUMO, AOA
  4. Osho Parth : FSA, Firefox OS App Development
  5. Trishul Goel : FSA, Add-ons
  6. Prachi Jain : FSA, App Development
  7. Ashish Seervi : FSA, Webmaker, Add-ons
  8. Tushar Arora : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker
  9. Varun Kaushik : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker, AOA, l10n, Marketing, WebFwd
  10. Meghraj Suthar : FSA, SUMO, l10n, Community Building

Event started as according to the agenda, first of all Welcome note, and introduction part, We had two new member in the MozCafe so we started from the #Mozilla Mission and #Mozilla’s Products, after that we started with Firefox Student Ambassador Program and have discussed everything about the FSA Program, form the Get Started and we told them how to register and what activities you have to do as a FSA.


After the FSA program we started discussing about the Mozilla’s Projects, we have many contributor who are contributing in different projects. I started to talk about SUMO, and told them how can you help #Mozilla by #SUMO, We disscussed about the ways of contributing in SUMO, Varun Kaushik is the top most contributor of the AoA, So he explained about the AoA and i explained how can you translate the help articles in your language and other ways of contribute in SUMO.(Localization)



After Sumo we went to the Webmaker, and discussed about the Thimble, Popcorn, and X-Ray Goggles. Also we talked about how to make an app for Firefox OS, i told them about the Firefox OS Simulator, Manifest and process of making an app. When we learned that how to make app, we got exited, because its so easy to make an app for Firefox OS. And i believe an app will come soon by MCR.

WebmakerThe question raised —

  • What are the Activities of a FSA ?
  • How can we contribute with Mozilla ?
  • What is Thimble and X-Ray Goggles ?
  • What is Firebug and Bugzilla ?
  • How to make an App for Firefox OS ?
  • How to participate in App of the Month Contest ?
  • When we can apply for Mozilla Representative ?

Collage List

We solved all question with the help of all FSAs. Osho Parth and Ashish Seervi started to talk about to conduct the next meet up in Jodhpur, they all are very exited to come to the Jodhpur for Mozilla Event, So we are planing an event in Jodhpur, It will be soon.

We had innovated a new guest that is #MozillaBaba, that moment was very funny, Do you wanna see #MozillaBaba? Here is….Mozilla Baba

Haha…..looking soo funny…! Jai Shree MozillaBaba, #MozillaBaba had helped us.

So, finally party time came, we did lot of fun in this #MozCafe with great zeal and awesome ideas. On 25th Jan McDonald  was MozDonald. And also we had some goodies so distributed with all FSAs.




After completion of the MozCafe we got together for a group photo.

Group photo..Finally, thank you very much for coming to this post, I hope i have not disappointed you.

Have a good day….We will back come soon….!!


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