Mozilla India Community Meet14 @ Hyderabad!


It was an awesome day of my life when i got the invitation mail of the Mozilla India Community Meetup 2014 which was held in The Park Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

It was really cool journey from Jodhpur to the Hyderabad by Air India. 😉 I arrived to the hotel around 9:00 PM of 4th April. After that i had dinner outside the hotel with Mozillians. We enjoyed a lot at dinner after the dinner i met to the room partner @Chandan Baba, he came from Bhopal, MP with lot of excitement.

So meetup day came for that we went there that is 5th April first day of the meetup. We taken breakfast in the hotel (The Park Hyderabad). After the breakfast we went to the meeting hall. So that was the first look….

DSC01693Meeting started by Vineel Sir, with welcome speech. After that we involved with in different different tracks. Tracks were — L10n, SUMO, Webmaker, and Technical. I was in L10n track. This was the team of the Localization.

DSC01743We discussed lot of things in two days about the target of the 2014 and also about the localization events in 2014.

I learned lot of things by the sessions of the Meetup. Specially Firefox OS, SUMO and also from other awesome sessions.

It was awesome meet with awesome people. Like : Gen Kanai, Brain King, Madalina Ana, Vineel Reddy Pindy, Galaxy Kadiyala, Soumya Deb, Ankit Gadgil, Swarnava Sengupta,  Gauthamraj Elango, Vikas Reddy Burri, Rajesh Ranjan, Sayak Sarkar,  Kaustav Das Modak, Priyanka Nag, Ani Peter, Saurabh, Jai Pradeesh, Jayakumar Sadhasivam, Ashish Namdev, Shahid Farooqui, Jafar Muhammed, Shreyas, Damini Oberoi, Dron Rathore, Sujith Reddy, Ram Dayal Gurumukhi, Dyvik, Sajeev Soni, Chandan Baba, Mayur, Diwanshi pandey, Harsha Vardhan, Umesh Agarwal, Biraj Karmakar, Suraj, Varun, Aniket and last but not least WoMoZ lead Komal Gandhi. Sorry for rest people.

Few clicks….

DSC01703 DSC01714 DSC01716 DSC01734 DSC01747 DSC01812 DSC01815 DSC01901 DSC01914 DSC01936 DSC01955 DSC01988 DSC02012 DSC02023 DSC02026 DSC02028 DSC02037 DSC02085 DSC02151 DSC02166 DSC02206Thank you so much all…!!!!!

Sooooo excited to see you again..!!! Hope we will meet soon.!!

Have a great day!


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