Microsoft Student Associate, 2014

Greeting Human…..!!!

Microsoft can be stands as a world of technologies. If you are part of any field, either of technical or non-technical, you are must aware about this world that is also know by “MICROSOFT”. Nobody can say that, “I haven’t heard about Microsoft”. (If he/she relates rendering through computer science or computer). Because it becomes necessary to know about Microsoft company.

In early days i started with WindowsXP and other cool tools of Microsoft. After that moved to the Windows7 Home Basic, after that jumped to Windows7 Ultimate by skipping Windows7 Enterprise. Now days experiencing on Windows8.1. Its awesome. So i am not  only limited with the operating system windows, but also used to use other products of Microsoft like: Bing, Skype, Xbox, Kinect etc. But the software that i always love that is Microsoft Office. It provides simple way to organize your documents, create new documents, spread the world by making presentations using MS PowerPoint.

Microsoft brought a new concepts to bring, to share, to connect more and more people to the Microsoft, that is Microsoft Student Associates. Position doesn’t matter to be a great person, Knowledge matters. So if you have a great knowledge then nobody can stop you to catch you dreams. There is lot of people who doesn’t know about the real world of technologies and their uses in daily life. I think it would be great place for me to meet to the new people around world, to teach them about Microsoft and how it can make their life more easy to help them to getting involved.

It would be great for me to be a part of real technical heaven as a Microsoft Student Associate, to take the experience of work with Microsoft, and last but not least, never say die till you haven’t catched your destinations. I am too excited to meet you Microsoft Student Associates, see you soon…..!


Thank you so much….!!

Have a Good Day…..!!(If you are reading this in the day) 😀 OR                                            Have a Good Night..!!(If you are reading this in the night) 😀







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