Indic Firefox OS Sprint Pune, June 2014

Greeting  Mozillians…!!

So, We (localizers) are back to preform on the floor of Localization and Testing of Firefox OS, which is the future of the Mobile world and Web with lot of new features and technologies. So that event was about localization sprint of all Indian languages, not only translation but also it contained testing of Firefox OS in all languages. We collaborate with total thirteen Indian languages are: Assamese, Bengali-India, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu. It is an awesome moment when you work for your mother tongue because you can easily get many other ways to flow with your life but there is few awesome ways to go for this direction and i am lucky one to involved with this one.

So, lets come to the event, after the awesome flight of IndiGo and thanks IndiGo’s air hostesses đŸ˜‰ ;). I reached to the CoCoon Hotel around 7o’clock on 6th June and we had welcome dinner with other community localizers and also met to the many new faces. Dinner was great, thanks to Ani and Rajesh JI.

Its time for Good Morning Redhat, Pune. So Here we are for our purpose of event with lot of energy and zeal and with DELPHINE, ARKY, ANI and RAJESH JI. So event started with Introduction session of all localizers.


So, after this Arky and Delphine gave a short introduction about Firefox OS: Road plan. After tea break, Delphine started Localization testing session which was really cool and also Rajesh demonstrate some idea about Glossary, Terminology, Style Guide of Fuel project which is too much important for quality of Good translation.



So, after that we had lunch and again we came back for localization and testing of Firefox OS, some of locales started testing and rest went for translations. I am in Hindi team with sweet Hindi Family of Mozilla: Rajesh Ranjan, Sangeeta Kumari, Shahid Farooqui, Umesh Aggarwal, Vishakha Dhutadmal, Karunakar Guntupalli, Meghraj Suthar (me) and Ashish Namdev(We missed you bro, see you soon in next event).


So after the first day of work we went for dinner with hungry mood.10329020_653952531319782_8492976391087523615_nAfter the starter, we started fun behind the resto, You can see this,

10390019_653953077986394_5674813519102777507_n So, after great food we went to the Hotel for tight sleep with sweet dreams. đŸ˜‰

So, here is second day, again back to the Redhat Pune for a productive day and Peiying Mo. also Joined Us. Whole day we worked for Localization testing and translation.


BplhMDBCQAA0Rnz.jpg:largeAnd as i said, i was in Hindi team so i have updates about only Hindi, Rajesh JI has completed the 100% translation of Firefox OS just in one day, he translated 2426 words, it was Awesome and also we were testing on Firefox OS Keon device and Flame device it was about to 68% done in Hindi on that day. Updates about all languages after second day.!!

img_2051So, Congratulations to those who has done translation 100% and Good luck to those who are working hard to reach at 100%.

So here is our Indic Family’s Members. That is really Known as Indian Joint Family.



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Will come soon with more event’s post and other cool stuffs.

Good Luck, and Do Whatever You Want. đŸ™‚