Scrollback Campus Ambassador’s meeting

Hello Folks,

Happy to see that you are now at, thanks for coming.

Here i am going to answer of few questions which are the agenda of first round meeting for SCA.

1. My Name?

  • My name is Meghraj Suthar, but on social media i use “Raj Suthar” and in the documentary it is only “Meghraj”.

2. Where are you from (college and city) and what are you doing currently (your course and other voluntary projects, if any)?

  • I am basically from a beautiful city, it is Jodhpur which is the heart of Rajasthan. Currently facing a troubleshoot problem of my life i.e. “B.Tech in Computer Science” at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology and its gonna complete in August 2015.
  • Also i am part of a nice family “Mozilla”. I am working as a Contributor in few projects, like: L10n Team Member, Webmaker Super Mentor, Webmaker Hive Community Member, Mobilizer-India Team Member, Co-Ordinator of Webamker L10n for hi_IN and few more.

3. What is ‘Scrollback’ (your version and understanding of Scrollback)?

  • “Scrollback” is a Open Source Instant Chat Service, which provides a nice platform to get together and communicate about your project, about anything. It can be easily embed to your site and you can create your own CHAT room in your site. To embed Scrollback on your site see: Blog. It also used in Mozilla India’s Site. And also used in big events.

 4. Why being a ‘Scrollback Campus Ambassador’ is important to you?

  • SCA program is a great opportunity for those who are currently student and who loves open source and i am one of them so i wouldn’t let it go this opportunity from my hand. I always believe in “Learning is the power”, so i would join this to learn new things from the Scrollback community as well as from you all.

5. If you are selected as a Scrollback Campus Ambassador, what will be your work plan for the next one month?

  • Open Source doesn’t mean just to collect the things and put it in your pocket, it all about to spread across the world, #teach the world, share with world and communicate with world. And these all features we can easily get by Scrollback. So we can do work easily with the help of scrollback community to teach, to learn, to share. Plan for coming month to spread scrollback across friends, classmates and open source lovers as well as to use scrollback instead of IRC.


Thank you so much for question, i hope i haven’t wasted your time by this post.

Looking forward to be a part of an another Awesome Family.

Have a Good Day..!!






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