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ScrollBack: Open Source Text Chat Service

What is Scrollback?

  • Scrollback is an open source text chat service, which provides a platform as like IRC. To communicate with communities, to be connected with your site and get live updates from any event.
  • On Scrollback you can Create your own chat room, which can be embed to your own site or blog.
  • How to Embed Scrollback on your site? Learn More.
  • Scrollback provides program for Students i.e. SCA (Scrollback Campus Ambassador). Learn More.
  • Scrollback also waiting for coders like you, Lets Fork the Github Repository and Code.

What are the features of Scrollback?

  • IRC Compatible: You can chat with IRC Channel to the scrollback. How?
    • Process: Go to the IRC and Create a Channel. like: #xyzchannel and irc server:
    • Now Go to the Scrollback Click on “Get Started” and write the name of your chat room “XYZ-Chat Room” now Click on “Configure Room”, go to the “IRC Integration” and enter the “IRC Server”(eg: and “IRC Channel”(Which you want to Join eg: #xyzchannel).
    • Now you need to go to the IRC and Type “/invite scrollback #xyzchannel”, and you are Done.
    • Now Anyone can join you in “XYZ-Chat Room” where you will get the same updates of IRC. Room.
  • User History: Scrollback won’t remove your history, you can get all the updates which happened before your joining.
  • To know more about Scrollback Feature, Go Ahead.

Scrollback Technology?

  • Scrollback is written in Node.js
  • Scrollback uses Mozilla persona for SignIN also you can signin using facebook.
  • Redis for in-memory, key-value data storing.
  • LevelDB for Most room and room member’s data.

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