Firefox OS: The Future of Open Web & Mobile OS

The Power Of Open Web : Gonna Hit Mobile OS

Firefox OS is the new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, based on Linux and Firefox’s powerful Gecko rendering engine. It is being developed by Mozilla, the non-profit organization best known for the Firefox web browser.

It is built upon open web standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Mozilla has developed Web APIs so that HTML5 apps can communicate with the device’s hardware, which was only possible for native apps until now, e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, etc.

Mozilla’s mission with Firefox OS is to make the web accessible to everyone. You may not be aware but in developing countries the web is most commonly available on smartphones rather than desktop computers.

“We’re out to make a difference, not a profit.”


The first devices in India run on relatively low-end hardware, which is surprisingly affordable. The hardware platform of for this review is the Intex Cloud Fx which goes for as little as Rs. 1999/-, Second Device which is available in Indian market is Spice Fire One (Mi-FX1), it priced Rs. 2299/- Only, and third one is “Alcatel Onetouch Fire C” priced Rs. 1990/- Only.

For Web developers, the most important part to understand is that the entire user interface is a web app capable of displaying and launching other Web apps. Any modifications you make to the user interface and any applications you create to run on Firefox OS are web apps created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, albeit with enhanced access to the mobile device’s hardware and services.

Generally HTML language uses for web pages and needed internet connectivity to open the web pages and also Firefox OS totally built in HTML5, but there is no constant internet connectivity required to use the Firefox OS Mobile. Firefox OS has top most apps like: ConnectA2 (Whatsapp Compatible App), Facebook, Twitter, Line and many HTML5 games.

Firefox OS has three main components which describes about the Architecture of Firefox OS. These are:

[1]. Gaia:
The user interface of the Firefox OS platform. Anything drawn to the screen once Firefox OS is started up is a product of the Gaia layer. Gaia implements the lock screen, home screen, and all the standard applications you expect on a modern smartphone. Gaia is implemented entirely using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

[2]. Gecko:
This is the Firefox OS application runtime; that is, the layer that provides all of the support for the trifecta of open standards: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It makes sure those APIs work well on every operating system Gecko supports. This means that Gecko includes, among other things, a networking stack, graphics stack, layout engine, a JavaScript virtual machine, and porting layers.

[3]. Gonk:
Gonk is the lower level operating system of the Firefox OS platform, consisting of a Linux kernel based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and userspace hardware abstraction layer (HAL). Gonk is basically an extremely simple Linux distribution.

For all those who are techie or non-techie persons, Mozilla provides few contribution ways to contribute with Firefox OS as well as with other projects. Some of them are: Coding, Testing, HTML5 Apps, Localization, Documentations etc.

Contribute to Mozilla:

Have a Open Day/Night [Whatever You Feel Good]…!!!

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Mozilla India Community Meet14 @ Hyderabad!


It was an awesome day of my life when i got the invitation mail of the Mozilla India Community Meetup 2014 which was held in The Park Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

It was really cool journey from Jodhpur to the Hyderabad by Air India. 😉 I arrived to the hotel around 9:00 PM of 4th April. After that i had dinner outside the hotel with Mozillians. We enjoyed a lot at dinner after the dinner i met to the room partner @Chandan Baba, he came from Bhopal, MP with lot of excitement.

So meetup day came for that we went there that is 5th April first day of the meetup. We taken breakfast in the hotel (The Park Hyderabad). After the breakfast we went to the meeting hall. So that was the first look….

DSC01693Meeting started by Vineel Sir, with welcome speech. After that we involved with in different different tracks. Tracks were — L10n, SUMO, Webmaker, and Technical. I was in L10n track. This was the team of the Localization.

DSC01743We discussed lot of things in two days about the target of the 2014 and also about the localization events in 2014.

I learned lot of things by the sessions of the Meetup. Specially Firefox OS, SUMO and also from other awesome sessions.

It was awesome meet with awesome people. Like : Gen Kanai, Brain King, Madalina Ana, Vineel Reddy Pindy, Galaxy Kadiyala, Soumya Deb, Ankit Gadgil, Swarnava Sengupta,  Gauthamraj Elango, Vikas Reddy Burri, Rajesh Ranjan, Sayak Sarkar,  Kaustav Das Modak, Priyanka Nag, Ani Peter, Saurabh, Jai Pradeesh, Jayakumar Sadhasivam, Ashish Namdev, Shahid Farooqui, Jafar Muhammed, Shreyas, Damini Oberoi, Dron Rathore, Sujith Reddy, Ram Dayal Gurumukhi, Dyvik, Sajeev Soni, Chandan Baba, Mayur, Diwanshi pandey, Harsha Vardhan, Umesh Agarwal, Biraj Karmakar, Suraj, Varun, Aniket and last but not least WoMoZ lead Komal Gandhi. Sorry for rest people.

Few clicks….

DSC01703 DSC01714 DSC01716 DSC01734 DSC01747 DSC01812 DSC01815 DSC01901 DSC01914 DSC01936 DSC01955 DSC01988 DSC02012 DSC02023 DSC02026 DSC02028 DSC02037 DSC02085 DSC02151 DSC02166 DSC02206Thank you so much all…!!!!!

Sooooo excited to see you again..!!! Hope we will meet soon.!!

Have a great day!

MozBoot @ JIET Jodhpur

Hello Everyone,

Mozilla Community Rajasthan is growing with the speed of the NFS Game, it has crossed many milestones but these milestones are not enough for MCR, because MCR Members and Mozilla Lovers of Rajasthan are increasing day by day. So here we have conducted one more awesome event with JIET Jodhpur.

First of all i would like to thank Sir. Pankaj Acharya, Sir Nitin Mathur, Ma’am Simran Choudhry, Mr. Asharam Seervi and Ms. Khayati Kapoor, because that workshop couldn’t  be possible without these persons, and many many thank to all participants who had attended this workshop.

So, Event started by Dean of JIET – Setg college with motivation speech and informing agenda of this workshop to students.


After that our anchor Ms. Khayati Kapoor Welcomed all participants and speakers.

khayatiThe sessions of the workshop taken by:-

1. Meghraj Suthar
2. Raj Rohit
3. Osho Parth
4. Trishul Goel
5. Lavish Aggarwal

Workshop had been started with Open Source Overview and Mozilla Community, by Meghraj Suthar(me). Participants were very keen to know about the “What exactly is an Open Source?” and what are the communities in which they can involved.




After this session Mr. Raj Rohit had introduced about the Data Science and about live projects of Open Source.



After this session Mr. Osho Parth had introduced about the Firefox OS and benefits of Open Source.DSC03673

After that great session Mr. Trishul and Mr. Lavish had introduced about “How to make application in Firefox OS?” and also about HTML5 and CSS3 platforms.


DSC03695 DSC03699 DSC03704At the end of the Workshop, We had a memorable day that is when college honored to all MCRs Members.


After a great event, i would like to thank all volunteers who had helped us to make that event awesome, Special thank to


1). Mr. Navneet Singh
2). Mr. Vikash Choudhry
3). Mr. Rahul Kumar
4). Mr. Ojaswee Singhal
5). Ms. Khayati Kapoor

Last but not least, we had a group photo on the stage of the JIET.



We promise, we will be soon with awesome resources.

Thank you for coming here.

“Do Whatever you want. We don’t care”



MozCafe With Enthusiastic Mozillians @ Jaipur

Hello Mozillians…!!

Meetup by a Enthusiastic Community of Mozilla

I hearty welcome to the MozCafe@Jaipur, Which was conducted on 25th Jan 2014, By energetic Mozilla Community Rajasthan.

The MozCafe started at 9:30 AM, With

  1. Mukul Taneja: New Member to the MCR
  2. Rishi Pariyani: New Member to the MCR
  3. Lavish Aggarwal : FSA, SUMO, AOA
  4. Osho Parth : FSA, Firefox OS App Development
  5. Trishul Goel : FSA, Add-ons
  6. Prachi Jain : FSA, App Development
  7. Ashish Seervi : FSA, Webmaker, Add-ons
  8. Tushar Arora : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker
  9. Varun Kaushik : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker, AOA, l10n, Marketing, WebFwd
  10. Meghraj Suthar : FSA, SUMO, l10n, Community Building

Event started as according to the agenda, first of all Welcome note, and introduction part, We had two new member in the MozCafe so we started from the #Mozilla Mission and #Mozilla’s Products, after that we started with Firefox Student Ambassador Program and have discussed everything about the FSA Program, form the Get Started and we told them how to register and what activities you have to do as a FSA.


After the FSA program we started discussing about the Mozilla’s Projects, we have many contributor who are contributing in different projects. I started to talk about SUMO, and told them how can you help #Mozilla by #SUMO, We disscussed about the ways of contributing in SUMO, Varun Kaushik is the top most contributor of the AoA, So he explained about the AoA and i explained how can you translate the help articles in your language and other ways of contribute in SUMO.(Localization)



After Sumo we went to the Webmaker, and discussed about the Thimble, Popcorn, and X-Ray Goggles. Also we talked about how to make an app for Firefox OS, i told them about the Firefox OS Simulator, Manifest and process of making an app. When we learned that how to make app, we got exited, because its so easy to make an app for Firefox OS. And i believe an app will come soon by MCR.

WebmakerThe question raised —

  • What are the Activities of a FSA ?
  • How can we contribute with Mozilla ?
  • What is Thimble and X-Ray Goggles ?
  • What is Firebug and Bugzilla ?
  • How to make an App for Firefox OS ?
  • How to participate in App of the Month Contest ?
  • When we can apply for Mozilla Representative ?

Collage List

We solved all question with the help of all FSAs. Osho Parth and Ashish Seervi started to talk about to conduct the next meet up in Jodhpur, they all are very exited to come to the Jodhpur for Mozilla Event, So we are planing an event in Jodhpur, It will be soon.

We had innovated a new guest that is #MozillaBaba, that moment was very funny, Do you wanna see #MozillaBaba? Here is….Mozilla Baba

Haha…..looking soo funny…! Jai Shree MozillaBaba, #MozillaBaba had helped us.

So, finally party time came, we did lot of fun in this #MozCafe with great zeal and awesome ideas. On 25th Jan McDonald  was MozDonald. And also we had some goodies so distributed with all FSAs.




After completion of the MozCafe we got together for a group photo.

Group photo..Finally, thank you very much for coming to this post, I hope i have not disappointed you.

Have a good day….We will back come soon….!!

Mozilla Journey from Jodhpur to San Francisco

Hello World..!!

A story of a boy with Mozilla is going to start here, Who is Meghraj Suthar (Raj), From Jodhpur Rajasthan (India), pursuing B.Tech at JIET Group of Institutions, Jodhpur (Affiliate by NBA). I have started my journey with Mozilla from Jodhpur (My Home Town) with Mozboot @ IITJ Event, in this event i learned lot of things about Mozilla and its products. I listened a sentence in this event that is “We are here to make better web.”, i had not concentrate on this sentence at that moment because i was new to the Community and i did not know much more about the #Mozilla. After all the they provided to me some goodies like:- Stickers, badges etc, After the event i came to the home and i asked one question to myself “Why they are doing everything free off cost?”. Here i started to search and know more about Mozilla with net and by other resources. After all i was not too serious about the Mozilla. One day i was Facebooking or Googling, i saw a link and that link brought me to the Firefox OS AppDays & MozBoot IIT Bombay 2013 page, that event was in Mumbai and i live in Jodhpur and also a Non-Mozillian so i was not getting myself “What to do? What to do?”. I went to one of my friend Asharam Seervi , i told him, “i want attend this event can you join me?” He said what will be in this event i told him about all agenda of the Event. He got ready to go for this event, We came to the Mumbai first ever for this event without any knowing experience about Mumbai. Finally came to the IIT Mumbai with the help of Google Map and Vineel Reddy Pindi , event started with Welcome Note and as according to Agenda. It was Day-Night of event i was listening and observing everything what they are saying. Within the event i learned, how to develop an app for Firefox OS. I was not too good in coding so i was not able to make an app for Firefox OS but i met to the Vineel Reddy Pindi and i said, “Is their way to contribute with Mozilla except coding?”, He said yes, their is lot of ways where you can start contributing, He helped me lot of. I chosen SUMO (Support Mozilla) to contribute with Mozilla and started contributing. After the great event they given us lot of goodies like:- T-shirts, badge, pens etc. We came to the Home with such a great positive or optimistic ideas, and also learned here what exactly means of “Better Web”. Now time to put own self with #Mozilla and had started contributing with

I Joined the Social Media everywhere wherever i found #Mozilla, also made lot of friends on Facebook and start following on Twitter. Within these days one i got mail in which mentioned that, “Congratulation your name in Mozilla Credits !” I got exited and told to my friend, “Wow i am in Mozilla:Credits..!” Mozilla:Credts I Shared these moment with my Sir, he congratulated me, with great wishes. One day i got a mail from Rosana Ardila, She Mentioned in that mail Congratulation A wonderful starting with #Mozilla i start contacting with Mozilla Reps, first who is the Dron Rathore and Amit Kumar Thakur, Now time comes to apply for the FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador), i registered for FSA and start FSA’s Activities, applied for Badge after the first step of the activities. FSA’s Activities:-

  • Get Started
    • First 5 Steps
      • Introduction to Mozilla
      • Share about your favorite project/ product at Mozilla
      • Get Social
      • Events!
      • Join (or Form) a Firefox Club!
    • Firefox Clubs
      • Join (or Form) a Firefox Club!
      • Host (or attend) a first meeting of your Firefox Club
      • Create a Campus Affiliates Button for your Firefox Club
      • Promote your Firefox Club the Webmaker way!
      • Host the first event for your Club on Campus
    • Tracking & Measuring
  • Promote Mozilla
    • Campus Affiliate Buttons
    • Student ‘App of the Month’
    • Help Localize and Share our Social Media Posts!
    • Regional Marketing Ambassadors
  • Promote Firefox OS
    • Be a Firefox OS Mobilizer
    • Promote Firefox OS on Campus
    • Spread Firefox OS online
    • Firefox OS Events
    • Firefox OS Resources
  • Build Mozilla Community
    • Video Tutorials
    • See us at an Event!
    • Office Hours
    • Start or Participate in a Firefox Club on Campus
    • Firefox Club Lead Training
    • Video Tutorials
    • Contribute Code – Improve Mozilla Products
    • Get Involved in Student Projects
    • Promote Mozilla in your Classroom
    • Get Connected with your Local Community
    • Team Innovative

After One month i got mail with FSA’s Badge FSA BadgeMy zeal increase after the getting badge, because i am very hungry for the next position. After that i completed the second step and got the certification of the Firefox Student Ambassador.

Screenshot (177)

These all are awesome things for me, One day Mozilla announced Names of the all contributors on Mozilla Monument placed at San Francisco. First day i ignored that, because i thought these all are very active contrinutor and i thought these are Reps(Mozila Repersantative), but one day one of my friend (Ram Dayal Vaishnav) sent me picture of Mozilla Monument left bottom and said, “See who is there in 29th line.”, i replied, “Who?” and i start founding in 29th line, and i saw…..

MozillaI was not getting a task, “what to do next?” i said thanks to Ram. I shared that moment with all Mozillians by Social Media and also with Collegians, they all Congratulate me. So finally i connected to the San San Francisco..!!!

“Do those things which you love, not those which makes you very irritated.”

Finally want to say “Do Whatever you want..!!”

Sorry for wasting your time, but it is a true story of A MOZILLIAN.

Thank you….Have a great Day..!!!!!